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this is \virtual production/

Virtual production offers many advantages; learn about what it means to utilize this new technology on your projects.

First a definition: virtual production is a film technique that displays real-time 3D game-engine environments on an LED screen or volume, which is then synced and captured with camera-tracking technology.

Now an observation: it's pretty f***ing cool. Why? Let's explore...

total creative freedom – with absolutely no limits.

With virtual production, the laws of nature aren’t a limitation. Want to film a sunrise scene for twelve hours? No problem. Rather shoot that outdoor winter night scene during the day in a warm studio? Done. Always wish you could shoot in three continents in a day? Wish granted.

Virtual production removes the struggles of traditional filming. No travel, no bad weather, no harsh conditions, no permits, and no changing natural light.

You can fine-tune lighting, color grading, object placement, and other details during filming – which means changes can happen at your command.

+ on-demand weather
+ film Multiple locations
+ a happy crew
+ Efficient budget
Total Creative freedom on set | Virtual Production

pixel-perfect scenes, editable in real time.

With photo-realistic 3D environments, physically accurate lighting, post-processing effects, and a physics engine, you can go straight from shot to screen. If something doesn't look quite right, you can manipulate the environment in a matter of seconds.

Our team can assist you with creating custom 3D environments or collecting high resolution video plates.

+ Edit in real-time
+ realistic physics
Edit your environments in real-time

welcome to light
done right.

Virtual production removes the problem of light spill (yuck) associated with green screens. The curved LED display provides side and top lighting accurate to the environment.

You can also add, remove and adjust lighting, and add post-processing effects and color grading directly onto the screen, making lighting that's ready for production.

+ Adjustable lighting
+ post-processing
+ Color-grading
+ edit in real-time
Smash Virtual Projects

crew benefits

Not having to worry about reproducing rare lighting conditions, travel fees, or unexpected setbacks means that your crew doesn't have to be stretched thin, work long hours, or stand out in the heat (or cold!)

  •  Better hours
  •  Great working conditions
  •  Less travel

production benefits

Scouting or blocking locations is now as easy as roaming around the digital environments and scheduling pre-visualization time in our studio to block out your next shoot. You won't have to worry about permits, or booking several locations.

  •  Convenient location scouting
  •  No permits or red tape
  •  Efficient budget

the \process/

virtual environment creation
Stunning Virtual Envionrments
Our team works hand in hand with the Virtual Art Department (VAD) and your crew to ensure your artistic vision is properly reflected in the virtual world, creating a seamless blend between the foreground and background. Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine, the LED volume becomes both a time machine and teleporter, allowing multiple locations to be filmed back-to-back with ease.
Visit the studio
While the virtual environments are being created, your crew can come to the stage and start blocking scenes in the actual space with real-time visualization. This allows you to tweak the virtual environments based on feedback, ensuring smooth production. This means your director and DP can get on the same page before they ever step on set. There’s no need to make compromises in your project after it goes to editing because you can easily come back into our studio and reload your digital assets to fix or reshoot a flawed scene.
the shoot
Advanced Camera Tracking System
Our world-class studio operations team works with your crew to ensure the production utilizes our studio to its fullest potential. We can manipulate Unreal Engine environments in real-time to respond to changes, and we can record camera data to help speed up the VFX process. Color, light and texture changes are all possible within minutes, offering unprecedented creative control.
No matter how well planned a shoot is, there will always be pickups and reshoots. Often, these are difficult or impossible to achieve due to time, budget, or scheduling concerns. With virtual production, going back to a new location is as easy as loading a file – everything will be just as you left it, down to the position of the clouds in the sky. Virtual production makes it easier than ever to create great content, no matter the size of the project.

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