1. In-Camera Virtual Production

SMASH offers in-camera VFX technology with realtime camera tracking and Unreal Engine

2. Plate Playback

SMASH can play back video plates, useful for car driving work and motion graphics.

3. Pre-production and On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP) services

SMASH provides pre-vis, techvis, and techblocking services to help find and refine the look of the project. On set, SMASH provides virtual production supervision and stage operations for a seamless workflow with your crew.

4. 3D Content Creation

Through our SMASH VAD team of Unreal artists, we can create 3D backgrounds in Unreal Engine for realtime ICVFX shoots.

5. Full studio facility

In addition to the LED volume and stage, SMASH offers numerous additional spaces such as greenrooms, meeting rooms, and a 100-car parking lot.

LED Stage
Smash Virtual is home to the largest camera-tracked LED volume in the Midwest with a 270-degree LED screen and LED ceiling.
Advanced Camera Tracking System
Smash Virtual's real-time camera-tracking system links camera(s) to the LED stage, allowing the stage to adapt to the perspective of the camera(s). It's movie magic.

The stage is configurable through an Unreal Engine command center, enabling real-time environment control. We use OptiTrack Active Tracking to capture every detail of your production. Our devices capture real-time camera data for ARRI, Sony, and RED camera data and can detect rotations as subtle as a human hair.

Our virtual production experts will work through every step of the process with you and make your team's transition from traditional to virtual production seamless.
Chance the Rapper on the set of YAH Know
It all begins with the creation of your virtual set. Smash Virtual has partnerships with world-class environment design companies to build virtual sets for your production. We can provide SketchUp and CAD drawings of our screen to your production designers, allowing them to design sets that perfectly fit our stage.

For real-world locations, our environment design service can travel to any location on your production’s behalf and capture the environment with powerful LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry technology, producing a 3D model of that location.

We can also build custom environments, combining pieces of the real world with custom-modeled 3D assets to create any environment imaginable.

Of course, if you have your own talented VFX team, we want to work with them! The Smash Virtual team will accept individual 3D assets or even entire 3D environments from your production and prepare them to work seamlessly as virtual sets on our LED stage.
6x NVIDIA A6000 render nodes | 2x NVIDIA A5000 control nodes
Smash Virtual's camera system offers 2D plate playback for car process and motion graphics.
Visit the studio
To ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of, our team of seasoned experts are prepared to guide you through the equipment, procedures, and technical issues.
Smash Virtual Floor Plan
You have exclusive access to all studio spaces, ancillary rooms, and parking.