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SMASH Virtual's in-house 3D environment creation team can construct the backdrops for your next shoot!

A Virtual Art Department (VAD) is a crucial part of the virtual production process.

SMASH VAD offers world-class design services at competitive prices. Our team is made up of veteran artists with an eye to photorealism and detail, specifically designing backgrounds for in-camera LED wall use.
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    180-degree / full 360-degree Unreal Engine environment design
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    2D plate conforming and color balancing
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    3D pre-vis and techblocking services
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    On-set VP artist support
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    Coordination with DP, art director, and other crew to ensure the creative vision of the project is accurately reflected in the virtual world


Image courtesy of Unreal Engine

Creative Brief

SMASH VAD receives your creative brief--storyboards, concept art, test footage and other inspirational media help to shape the deliverable and look of the world.

Environment Overviews

In cooperation with your crew, SMASH VAD presents overviews of the 3D worlds and real camera tests provided by SMASH Virtual. This helps the production better understand what the worlds will truly look like on camera, allowing for more meaningful feedback.

Day of Shoot

On the shoot day, SMASH VAD artists are present to facilitate last-second changes and respond to creative requests.

3D Asset Delivery

After the shoot, the 3D assets are delivered to the client. This allows further use--such as game tie-ins, visualizations, and additional rendered shots.

our \story/

Smash Virtual is a full-service virtual production studio, complete with a state-of-the-art LED stage and an experienced, hands-on virtual production team ready to bring your next project into the future of film-making.Smash Virtual is a perfect partner for film, TV, commercials, and live events. We’re ready to bring any vision to life.

Our staff has 20 years of production experience.

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Custom 360º Car Plates

We worked with Midwest Camera Car to develop a custom 360-degree plate capture vehicle, perfect for virtual production and VFX.

Visit Midwest Camera Car

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Our VAD team makes SMASH Virtual a turnkey solution for your virtual production needs.

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